Who We Are

What is Pma Rareza?

About us began when CEO and founder Virginia Veruette was already involved in a touristc lodging project in her native city Panama. The urge to complement the sharing of her PASSION & LOVE for her tiny amazing country as she calls it, made her get together with her cousins and create a brand based on Virginias perception of what Panama represented to her. 
The embracing dynamic musical way Panamanians interact with the fauna and flora are represented on our green tree. Pmá is a short way for us to write Panamá and Rareza is a the quality to be rare. The shadow under the tree is the unique history of Panama.

panamá rareza


Our mission is to be an open window to the world to allow our local artists to share their love & passion for Panama, through their art and crafts and show the world more uniques qualities of our culture. We encourage our suppliers to believe in keeping and leaving a legacy to our future generations by continuing with our most remarkable and amazing cultural heritage. Panama has a very rich multicultural influence in every citizen, reason why we know our market offer will always be fun and dynamic due to our wide variety of cultural groups.

We know your experience with us will be fulfilling and enriching and gratifying because our goal is to provide a unique amazing experience when choosing our products. Please join us in this journey full of a tropical Latin American spice and color.